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in seconds.

Ditch the week-long scouting process.

Let Ballin do it for you.

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What can we do for you?

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Guaranteed ​Time Savings

Save up to forty hours per week ​by trusting Ballin to watch, ​analyze, and scout your ​opponent’s game film for you. ​Because you know your own ​team best, you have the ability ​to edit and customize each ​scouting report, as you see fit.

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Automated ​Scouting Reports

Our platform is coach-friendly, ​making it convenient for you to ​upload your opponent’s game ​film and automatically receive a ​completed scouting report, ​which you can easily save, ​export, and share with your ​staff and team.

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Maximize Your ​Data-Driven ​Decision Making

Say goodbye to the risk of ​making costly game-time ​decisions based on your ​opinions. We are proud to offer ​a data-driven solution that ​ensures straightforward, ​assured game-winning insights ​and recommendations.

How it works

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Download the most recent game

film(s) of your upcoming opponent

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Upload the game film(s) to Ballin

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In seconds, receive a personalized & data-driven ​scouting report, ready to share with your staff & team

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Exclusively for college basketball coaches

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